Year 1 November 17-20, 2016. Course 101: Normalization of the Extremities December 8-11, 2016. Course 102: Normalization of the Axial Skeleton January 26-29, 2017. Course 103: Kinetic Chain Exercises of the Spine February 23-26, 2017. Course 104: Kinetic Chain Exercises of the Extremities March 16-19, 2017. Course 105: Assessment and […]

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Course Name: Introduction to Functional Neurology Instructors: Dr. Brandon Brock Location: 477 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto Fee: C$1500.00 Description:  Functional Neurology is one of the most revolutionary and effective therapies available for brain dysfunction. Because of it’s innovate approach to not just brain dysfunction such as concussions but also behavioural issues such as […]

Upcoming course: Introduction to Functional Neurology

Max Girardin, D.O.M.R.O., international lecturer and physiology specialist discusses the osteopathic view on form, structure and function of the human body. He also describes the courses that he will be teaching in Canada. Practical Course 109 July 15-18, 2016Course Name: Complexity Theory and Osteopathic Assessment Instructors:  Max Girardin Location: Mohawk Inn and […]

Form, Structure and Function: Osteopathic philosophy

  Year 1 The theme of this year is to instill the fundamentals of osteopathic principles and palpation. Firstly, the goal will be to start the students on process of independent thought with the use of case study assignments. Secondly, the students will begin the process of learning how to […]

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  In addition to the Osteopathy Program,  AOS also offers shorter certificate programs:   Functional Neurology and Biochemistry Certificate   Please view 1:39-2:04 of this video to get an Idea of how Dr. Brock applies Functional Neurology.   Practical Course 107: Functional Neurology IntroductionInstructor: Brandon Brock Course 209: Functional Neurology, […]

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Introduction to Body Listening 001 December 6, 2015 A fundamental course for the fine palpation of soft tissue: Primary Respiratory Mechanism, Basic GOT, cranial and visceral palpation included. This course is a prerequisite for students who do not have a manual therapy background. Instructor: Fred Dumunier Practical Course 101 January […]

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AOS Application Form The Osteopathic Practice Diploma Program Application Form is now available here. Download the following fillable PDF: Application Form. Once completed, submit the application form with a transcript from a health care or science program and a CV. Within 5 to 7 business days, the Academy of Osteopathic Science will […]

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