Why study osteopathy at the Academy of Osteopathic Science?

Located in Toronto, the Academy of Osteopathic Science is one of the few osteopathy schools in Canada that follow the World Health Organization guidelines through its rigorous 4.5 year part-time program. Where the Academy excels is in its thorough emphasis on complexity theory, critical thinking and the practical synthesis of learning. This synthesis emphasizes a balance between thorough analysis and a perceptive touch in a clinical setting. On the practical side, the school offers a revolutionary understanding of biomechanics, an effective approach towards the nervous system and an in-depth approach towards cranial osteopathy with an introduction to Rollin Becker’s work.  Finally, some other notable benefits of being a student at the Academy are its dissection courses, over a 100 years of combined teaching experience and courses taught by American Osteopaths,  Canadian and European Osteopathic Manual Practitioners,  M.Ost and physicians. Our outstanding faculty serves to both maintain current standards and preserve authentic osteopathic philosophy. We feel that our program will create balanced and well prepared osteopaths for an effective and prosperous practice.





Eric Sanderson, DO(P.Q.), DOMP (On.), R.Ac



Dr. Brandon Brock, RN, BSN, NP-C, MSN, DC, FICC

Lino Cedros, ATC, MT, SP, CAMTC

Frederic Dumunier, DO (Fr.)

Dr. Shiraz Elkheir, MD

Sam Gibbs, DOMP (On.), CATC., RMT

Gus Kandilas, DOMP (On.), CATC

Fred L. Mitchell, Jr., DO, FAAO, FCA

Kai Mitchell, CMT, CMMOPP

Patricia Simard, DO(P.Q.)

Dr. William Sutherland, MD, CCFP, BScN, BSc


Complexity Theory Consultant

Max Girardin, D.O.M.R.O.