Full Program Summary


Year 1

The theme of this year is to instill the fundamentals of osteopathic principles and palpation. Firstly, the goal will be to start the students on process of independent thought with the use of case study assignments. Secondly, the students will begin the process of learning how to develop osteopathic palpation; this process will commence with the first 2 courses which are centred on learning normalization of the joints. Thirdly, this year is the beginning of the health science education required to be a health care practitioner. This will include anatomy, physiology, neurology, and biochemistry. There is testing the first morning of every class which normally includes the material covered previously.

Year 2

The theme of second year is to make students start to think like osteopathic practitioners. The courses will emphasis a global approach based on the detailed knowledge of interactions between systems.  Science fundamentals will include more advanced anatomy and physiology including sensory organs, digestive and the respiratory system.  Student clinic also begins in this year and will give students an opportunity to apply what they learned.


Year 3

The third year theme is to create practitioners who understand how to optimize health and  combat disease and dysfunction.  Science fundamentals, include pathophysiology, reflexes and how they are modified, visceral reflexes, neurology and vascular physiology. There is a practical exam in this year. There is a synthesis exam with every course on topics chosen by the instructors.


Year 4

The fourth year will prepare students to be first-line practitioners and to be ready to work independently. Advanced neurology and functional neurology, as well as advanced pathophysiology using case studies and diagnostics (x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, CT scan) will be taught.  Obstetrics and gynecology will be introduced and the student will be required to write a research paper.


Year 5

The Research paper will be completed in this shortened academic year and the students will choose a specialty course ranging from Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Gynecology; Biodynamics; Sports therapy; and Fusion/Neuro Osteopathy. A Diploma will be awarded upon completion of the paper and the final Examinations.




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