Form, Structure and Function: Osteopathic philosophy

Max Girardin, D.O.M.R.O., international lecturer and physiology specialist discusses the osteopathic view on form, structure and function of the human body. He also describes the courses that he will be teaching in Canada.

Practical Course 109 July 15-18, 2016

Course Name: Complexity Theory and Osteopathic Assessment

Instructors:  Max Girardin

Location: Mohawk Inn and Conference Center, 9230 Guelph Line, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0

Fee: C$1300.00


In this summer course, Max Girardin, will introduce complexity-based anatomy and physiology and their role in patient health.   Max’s colourful style of teaching and detailed approach to assessment will expand practitioners’ clinical understanding of patient conditions.

During the practical component, Max will teach osteopathic practitioners how to use all classical and forgotten methods of assessment such as percussion and auscultation and how to integrate it into practice.
Also, participants will also have the opportunity to test their visceral palpation skills against an ultrasound, which is much needed method of confirmation.  This is an excellent course for osteopathic practitioners looking to increase their assessment protocols and looking to clarify their visceral palpation skills.


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