Upcoming course: Introduction to Functional Neurology

Course Name: Introduction to Functional Neurology

Instructors: Dr. Brandon Brock

Location477 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto

Fee: C$1500.00


Functional Neurology is one of the most revolutionary and effective therapies available for brain dysfunction. Because of it’s innovate approach to not just brain dysfunction such as concussions but also behavioural issues such as ADHD, Functional Neurology is exploding in popularity in the therapeutic world. Through comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, Functional Neurology uses unique patterning exercises grounded in the latest science, in order to help the patient.

Day 1
Theory: Neuron Theory and the activation model.
Practical: activation model for the clinical practice
Theory: CNS and PNS: How to understand and localize the dysfunction:
Practical: Neurological exam
Day 2
Theory: Cerebellum
Practical: Exercises to assess and address cerebellar dysfunction and disease
Theory: Eye movements: pursuits and saccades
Practical: How to assess eye movements
Day 3
Theory: intro to VOR assessment and Vestibular rehab:
Practical: Exercises to address the vestibular system and discussion of eye movements
Theory: Kinetic chains.
Theory: on muscle stretching and how it relates to tone, central versus peripheral mechanisms of muscle tone. What does this mean to the clinician who is working with movement.






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